Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's With the New MacBook Pro?


I'm feeling rather troubled about the new MacBook Pro. I suppose I should be impressed with the new notebook simply because it's new, it's silver, and it has a backlit fruit on the cover, but I've never really liked the Apple groupies who think that way.

Basically, I don't know exactly what's going here. There wasn't a huge amount of hype for the new Pro's release (well, unless you found yourself in the depths of the techie blogs, but I try to avoid that corner of the internet), and it just sort of popped up on the Apple site a few days ago. This is weird because Apple's all about the thrill of the chase and making their customers wait in agony, much like the tense hours before 12:01am on Black Friday.

I've been holding off on purchasing a new computer for a few months now, while I wait patiently for my turd of an HP product's hard drive to take the big sleep. I thought to myself: "hey, maybe it's time for a Mac, since my technology IQ is well...just barely functional." After wading through hell and high water with this HP laptop (like when this and this happened), watching the boyfriend have his own maddening experience with the folks at Dell, and seeing a friend's ThinkPad basically turn into an energy-sucking, slow-as-shit hunk of metal, I'm pretty pissed off at the entire PC world (yeah I know, small sample, but I don't have a lot of patience). A Mac seemed like a pretty safe and rather idiot-proof choice, so why would I not wait until the new one came out?

Here it is in its glory (?). Let's look at what it seems to have to offer.

ALL of the features?

"Stunning retina display" - Good graphics. From what I gather, I don't really have to care about this, since I'm not a photographer or a movie director. And for good measure, I'm going to make my own retina display right now. Here it is:
My blog now displays a retina. Retina display. Close enough.

"All-flash architecture" - I think this makes it faster? Aren't the normal MacBook Pro's supposed to be known for being fast? Anyway, I think the old AOL dial-up internet was faster than what my current laptop's giving me, so there's really nowhere to go but up.

"Thin.Light.Powerful." - It's a wee bit smaller than the old MacBook Pros. I suppose that's valid, although I never thought the older generation notebooks were too fat. Are we trying to hybridize with the  MacBook Air?

"The rest of the MacBook Pro family is faster than ever" - Well if the rest of the family is better...I see no reason to go for the new. This is most importantly because the "new" Pro doesn't come in a 13' option. Apple can try to pass this off as 15' being "better" for their new system, but I'm thinking it's just an opportunity to get rid of the cheapest option.

Here are the current listed prices for the new Pro (I know, my pictures suck. I don't have Photoshop; I have Paint):

LAWL at your asking price

The new Pro *starts* at nearly $2,200. Unless it's going to operate at top capacity for 4 years and make me sammiches on the side, I'm not throwing down 2k on a laptop.

If you know anything about the computer world, then you know more than I do. And if you have any suggestions as to where I should look for a new lappy (Mac or otherwise), please do write them below as comments and I will send plentiful smiles and good thoughts your way.

Much love.



  2. It's actually an unreal computer. Retina display? I can't wait to buy one

  3. It's actually an unreal computer. Retina display? I can't wait to buy one