Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's finals period and there's (practically) no good in this world

Oops, that's my life.

It's that most crucial time of the year -- finals period -- and like any good Harvard student, I'd like to stick my head in the sand and wait for the next week to pass me by. This time is already awful enough, but this year, Harvard seems to be going out of its way to make things even more unpleasant. Here is a list of ways that this school has managed to piss people off and make life harder within the last few weeks -- a sort of "what not to do ever again," if you will:
**All examples include a Target Unhappiness Population (TUP), which outlines who exactly bears the brunt of each atrocity. 

1. The Bells - So reading week is really the optimal time to invite a Russian bell ringer to give master classes? I understand that the Lowell bell tower is impervious to the Massachusetts noise ordinances, but that doesn't make it appropriate. And for the record, I didn't like today's Sunday ringing either.
        TUP - The entire River community

2. Gym Hours - So the MAC closes at 1pm and noon this weekend? In the middle of finals? When people most need to run in place and pick up heavy things to relieve stress? Awesome idea. Thanks.
        TUP - Anyone who ever works out

3. The Printer Fiasco - Last Friday, on the first day of exams (and the optimal time for most papers to be due), the printing situation looked like this: 
- Winthrop printer - broken (it still is)
- Lamont Library cafe printer - broken
- Crimson Cash (like, the money we use to print in public places) - system down
If you want my papers, FIX THIS.
        TUP - Humanities kids everywhere

4. Lack of Mammals - During finals periods, UCONN libraries bring in puppies and Mount Holyoke has rent-able bunnies (and I've heard of similar programs at other schools, too). Harvard has provided its students with no mammals (yes, I've heard there's a rent-able dog out there somewhere, but if I can't see it, it's not accessible).  
          TUP - Anyone who could use a small mammal to combat stress

It seems the only way Harvard knows how to deal with this time of year is to add more cake to the dining hall menus (which is a problem, because of number 2). It would be great if this school could get it together just a little bit more for the most stressful time of the year, here. 

On a last note, BIG THANK YOU to the tutors, housemasters, student groups, etc. who have picked up the College's slack to throw study breaks, organize fun activities, and generally make the lives of all students a little better.

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  1. AHH! Finals sounds so stressful!! D: That's crazy about the printers also! Finals was super stressful for me, but i'm really good at studying so i pretty much got it all down : )
    I'm following your blog now! its funny and cute xx
    check out my blog? I just posted on it again after some time : ) i post about life, love and happiness.
    - <3