Sunday, October 2, 2011

College and the common cold blues

Falling ill while at school is the very definition of the word "misery." My immune system is pretty baller and I only really get sick once or twice a year. It usually lasts for about 24 hours and then I'm fine. I don't visit the doctor unless death is on the horizon.


** Note the sadface, blanket, and the mug of tea. Oh, and the oxford comma in that last sentence YEAH.

I've just passed the one week point and I'm confused and unhappy about it. I've dealt with the sore throat, body aches, and congestion akin to what would happen if you rubbed a shedding cat on my face. I also lost my voice and sounded like a man-lurking-in-the-bushes for 3 or 4 days. I cannot breathe, I cannot smell, my ears keep popping in and out, and I'm all gross and snivelly.

And here's the worst part: college has no sick days. Assignments don't get postponed because you need extra sleep (like, 8 full hours or something...ultra rare!). All I want is a self-wallowing pity party, but my commitments keep floating around in front of me. I actually have, you know...stuff to do. I'm not getting anything done because I feel like death, and yet I can't take a nap because I'll feel guilty if I'm intentionally not working. This is a vicious circle if I ever saw one.

I've made it through a bottle and a half of DayQuil (which tastes like it was brewed by the devil himself), more than 2 rolls of toilet paper (for my NOSE. Tissues are expensive and toilet paper is free. I'm not cheap, I'm frugal), and a bag of Halls. WTF common cold. Taking medicine is totally not my style.

I'm that kid that everyone made fun of in middle school. The one who's coughing like their extra-curricular is coal mining and making gross snarf-a-larf-a-larf noises as they suffer through class (totally worse in a 200 person lecture). I'm the kid that no one wants to sit next to because let's be real. Ew. I am Hester Prynne, ostracized and condemned by society. It gives me the sadz.

Okay, I'm done playing myself the world's saddest song on the world's smallest violin. This is the part where you pity me back with chocolate, tea, and Puff's lotion infused tissues, kay?


  1. *hands tea and chocolate*
    you poor thing! This sounds positively miserable. And bleh, I dislike the Scarlet Letter almost as much as I dislike being sick. After all, they both slow me down and make me unhappy!

    I hope you feel better soon. I don't recommend watching Contagion as you will probably become convinced that you will die, but playing Pandemic 2 might be rather cathartic if you imagine you are infecting others with your loathsome illness. :) Go phagocytes!

  2. I can sympathize with you on this. I still remember the last time I had cold. I was practically going around with a packet of halls. I actually tried out some 3 flavours. It lasted for a couple of weeks, but made me quite addicted to halls for sometime.