Thursday, October 6, 2011

iPhone4S anyone?

It's time to make a momentous decision. It's time to bite the bullet and kick my wallet in the stomach. It's time for a new phone.

We've had a good run, but it's time to say goodbye. And honestly, it's you.
Now to be fair, I'm not one of those people who buys the latest phone whenever something new hits the market. The 2 year contract for my enV Touch expired 4 months ago now and it's really, really time to upgrade. Here are a few justifying reasons why I cannot continue this unhealthy relationship with my current phone:

  1. Fickleness and Instability - It shuts itself off just for the hell of it. What's even more interesting is that when I turn it back on, all of my customizations have disappeared. I'm left with a picture of an ice cube as my wallpaper and it vibrates and clicks when I use the touch screen. I hate the vibrating touch screen...
  2. Butt Dials - Every once in a while, I'll call my best friend over 15 times in a 5 minute time span. NBD. I also leave 10 minute voicemail messages of walking noises to people who I haven't talked to since high school. Also totally NBD. I mean, unless that sort of thing is annoying.
  3. Butt Text Messages - Some people get really confused by messages that look like this:  ;OWDGKJBG983402345KWSGOUSDK23   DFKLB032NUI. I'd love to call that a secret code but really, it's just a message from the inner lining of my purse. Sigh.
  4. Roaming - Every time I move in or out of a roaming area, my phone yells VERIZON WIRELESS at me. This is especially irritating when I'm sitting on a ski lift yelling "SHUT UP" at my chest zipper pocket because every damn pine tree screws up the coverage area. On the other hand, this might give me an excuse to blame my crazy on the evils of technology...
  5. Alarms - Sometimes, they just turn off.  This is terribly problematic considering this phone acts as the alarm clock that gets me to class in the morning. It tries to make up for its transgressions by adding alarms at other random intervals. For example, my phone alarm went into air-raid-notification mode today at noon. I DID NOT SET A MID DAY ALARM SO STOP YELLING AT ME.
So here's the quandary: the iPhone 4S


Am I a little sad that Apple has given us an iPhone 4S rather than an iPhone 5? Yes, yes I am. But do I still want it? OMG so much. If you'll remember back to this here cell phone post that I wrote earlier in the year, I've been going back and forth between an iPhone and an an Android device. I've never had a cell phone with internet on it before and I want one and I want it nooooooow (extra points for guessing the reference). That said, data plan prices encourage me to just stay in my tiny hovel of the technological dark ages and shun the interwebz.

Yes, I've already done quite a bit of research on the current smartphone market, but my decision making abilities are seriously hampered by my epic miserliness. I specifically waited to upgrade until the release of the new iPhone, but now it's actually time for me to spend money...

I'm just too weak to make this decision on my own.


  1. I have had an android OS for a couple of years, and I need a new phone as well. But I want to stick with android. My understanding is that it can do more than the iPhone... but there are a lot of people with fabulous things to say about the iPhone as well. If you've never had a phone with internet, the differences are probably irrelevant anyway. Good luck and happy shopping! :)

  2. the iPhone 3gs will be free

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  4. I TOTALLY want one of those too and not JUST because I have an old BlackBerry flip phone. The only thing keeping me at bay is my iPad which seems to fill in some of the gaps. Soon though! Meanwhile, color me jealous!