Friday, September 30, 2011

You know you're an English major when...

  • Your backpack (or more realistically, your messenger bag/satchel) contains:
    • 3+ novels
    • Hipster worthy elastic bound journal
    • A myriad of pens, pencils, and highlighters...but no calculator
    • Post-its of many hues
    • A highlighter with post-its in the handle (best.ever.)
Just in case one runs out of ink halfway thorough an annotation...

  • You have a pair of hipster reading glasses, but not to look hipster... reading kind of hurts without them
  • Your friends are afraid of texting you because you correct their grammar (phrases like "r u @ skool?" make me want to throw dictionaries at people)
  • No one wants to play Words With Friends with you
  • A great majority of your male classmates are gay of hipster (or both)
  • You carry tea and Splenda with you everywhere just in case you need caffeine on the fly
Vital sustenance. 
  • Your cell phone screen background is a picture of text from an awesome book (*coughAngelsandDemonscough*)
  • Your email address is a literary allusion and the only person who understands it is the cashier at the local book store
  • The Oxford English Dictionary subscription website is bookmarked on your favorites bar
**Sigh** I'm so typical.


  1. That's amazing! I have my English Major, and 90% of your list pertains to me. I agree, those highlighters with the little red tabs are just awesome!

  2. AngELs and Demons. You're English, not Math.