Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Internet sensation: Jenna Marbles

I spend a tremendous amount of time on the intertoobs. I love internet memes, viral videos, and all sorts of pop culture. I'd like to take a moment to give a shout out to Jenna Marbles, one of my favity internet sensations. I'll break up this post with what I consider to be some of the best of her videos. Here's the disclaimer: probably not the best idea to watch if you think that vulgarity, potty language, and/or sexual jokes are distasteful. That's fair warning.

Jenna on the Beebs

Homegirl's got a masters degree, which is totally commendable, because the whole college thing can be long and arduous. However, she hasn't gotten totally caught up in the "college is over, time to be a boring grown up" thing. She started making videos just because and holy crap is she famous now. Why do I admire her? Because she gets to be funny for a living. I admire humor over quite a lot of other qualities, and this lady makes me *almost* pee every Wednesday when her video of the week comes out.

Jenna on caffeine

It's probably my ultimate dream to be famous and successful for being hilarious. Thus, I think that Jenna Marbles is a total baller because she's done just that. Actually, I think I've figured out a pretty good list of why she's so successful. Here's my rendition of why the interwebz love Jenna.

1. She considers no topic off limits - Explicit, but not offensive or scarring. But no, like really explicit...
2. She uses bad words - It makes me giggle when she drops the f-bomb.
3. Awesome character voices - Also gives me the lolz.
4. She just seems like a chill brah - I would totally hang out with her. Let's be fraaaaaands.
5. She's hawttt - Let's be real. This is the internet, where attractive video bloggers are just destined to be more successful than ugly ones.
6. She has two adorable dogs - And they make a lot of appearances.

Jenna on the gym

Her youtube channel has gotten me through many an uneventful evening and it's really the ultimate procrastination tool. She got famous for her How to Trick People into Thinking You're Good Looking video, but I'm a fan of pretty much all of her content. Jenna Marbles pretty much exudes awesome. And that's my internet recommendation for the day.


  1. Not to sound rude, but I don't think one or two millions views counts as a sensation. She seems to mostly just complain loudly also

  2. She's not super famous, but within youtube, she's pretty well known. The video that got her famous actually got about 23 million views. That's famous enough for me.

  3. Omg, she's simply awesome. And she does a great JB. At first, I thought it was him. O_o :D

    Lovely blog; following and supporting! :)

  4. Oh. My. Goodness. That caffeine video is a 2 minute, 54 second summary of my life. Thank you for sharing; my life is better now.

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