Saturday, September 3, 2011

New (school) year's resolutions

I feel like I should have a beginning of the year resolution list. I'll likely break everything on here within the first month of school, but at least I can say that I'm trying. So, just to appear hardcore and driven and committed, here's a list of things that I am ABSOLUTELY going to do this year. And because everyone should be just like me, I guess this also doubles as a list of things that all college students everywhere should do.**

  1. Don't stress. Lolz to the idea that I'll actually be able to sustain this one, considering the fact that I'm generally about as relaxed as a coiled spring. But it's a nice thought, no? I can at least tell myself right now that I'm not going to turn into a stressbomb once the first assignment comes due. Riiight. -_-
  2. Be proactive with the work. I'm not going to be the fool who starts everything the night before it's due. I already know that I have two papers due on the same day in October, so I should really start one of them RIGHT NAO. I promise to leave nothing to the 11th hour. At least not on purpose.
  3. Buy a smartphone. Because honestly, I hate being away from a computer for 4 hours and then finding 20 new and urgent emails. Also, my NV Touch has basically entered the technological convalescent home for the feeble and temperamental, leaving me with the desire for something shiny and new (and I want apps so baaaaaaaaaad).
  4. Go out to parties. I basically stopped doing the social thing last year. I don't really like belligerently drunken, sloppy females or leering, predatory males, but this year, I'm determined to find the parties with the normal people. I even brought tall shoes that make me appear to be average height without tearing my feet to bloody shreds. I need to take advantage of this before I get lazy again and decide to spend my Saturday nights watching movies in my PJs.
  5. Actually do something/go someplace for J term/spring break. Because sitting on the couch at home, eating cereal and watching Millionaire Matchmaker and Teen Mom just doesn't scream "best vacation ever."
  6. Make it the whole year without computer trouble. Given the fact that electronics come to me when they're ready to pass onto the great surge protector in the sky, this resolution is SO not going to happen, but I can at least pretend like it will be so. Actually, I've already failed. My laptop won't actually be arriving at school until tomorrow because my sweet father is so kindly repairing its broken hinge at home.
This is the state in which I received my computer back from HP. I hope they go belly up.

**Disclaimer: You probably don't actually want to be just like me. I trip a lot and I get stress induced acid reflux/back spasms. Technology also fails in my presence.


  1. I don't really like belligerently drunken, sloppy females or leering, predatory males, but this year, I'm determined to find the parties with the normal people.

    Best. Sentence. Ever. I love you!

    Jess :)

  2. hey friend how did you add the like button to your posts? do you add it to each post with html?

  3. Hey Kate,

    I google searched it and found the HTML script. You only have to add it once to your template and it'll show up on all of your posts.