Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shame on me if you fool me twice...

This is the summer of technological strife. If you remember the rain situation, you can probably imagine how vigilant I've been to keep the skylight closed every freaking time I walk out of the room. So vigilant. And yet, it happened again. The unthinkable, freak rain-storm-right-into-my-room tragedy has come back for round two.

The day had been 95 degrees with a spotless sky. By 9pm, the sky was dark, but it was still hot. Thus, I thought it would be perfectly reasonable to leave the windows open while I went to the gym for 30 minutes. I didn't even know that it was raining until I walked out the door to head home. And then I ran home. I ran home to find a completely sopping bed, a lake in the middle of my floor, a soggy and wrinkly Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, a dripping and blinking cell phone, and a wet, wet computer. It's like when you have the same nightmare on two different nights, except the part where you wake up and realize it's not real. It was so, so real. In fact, it was so real that my cell phone was flashing all over the place like an overzealous firefly and the touch screen was moving all over the place like it was being controlled by a spectre. I also had to finish my novel while it was still wet, because I was too impatient to let it dry out.

My cell phone, I can do without. My netbook, I cannot. Especially since my normal laptop is STILL being fixed at the HP center somewhere in the midwest. But that's another story that threatens to bring me to tears, the moral being that by the time I get it back, it will have been gone for two full months. SO MUCH INCOMPETENCE.

The netbook was damaged. So damaged. I did the whole shut it off, turn it into a camping tent and blow a desk fan on it for hours and hours deal. A day later, I turned it on to find that it was 95% functional. Unfortunately, the 5% shitty part was that THE LEFT CLICKER WOULD NOT CLICK THINGS. Well, it clicked sometimes. But only if it felt like it. And that wasn't most of the time.

Panicking, I turned it off again, took out the battery, re-constructed the tent (inverted V), and didn't touch it for two days, hoping and praying that the heavens would smile upon me and give me one more chance to prove that I can learn from my mistakes (my track record kind of sucks).

The good news is that I'm typing this post on my netbook right now. The bad news is that the left clicker takes like 10 minutes to warm up to usage once the netbook lid is opened. I also can't make exclamation points with the shift key on the left anymore. The shift key works for everything else, just not exclamation points. I can make them with the right shift key though! <-- proof. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that the left clicker doesn't decide to kick the bucket permanently. Otherwise, there's a good chance I'll melt into a puddle of sad.

These are my urban woes and struggles. I've grown so dependent upon the intertoobs. Granted, I would just read at night, but I broke my school-issue lamp trying to kill a mosquito and the overhead light is weaker than Annenberg's coffee. My life has turned into a crappy sitcom with an extremely accident-prone main character. Sigh.

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