Monday, July 18, 2011

Technological Struggle and Woe: Part 100,000

For anyone I haven't talked to recently... that's because I don't have a computer and I've had to rely on the science center lab for the last few days. The good news is that my laptop should *theoretically* be back from HP services in the town of whoknowswhere in the midwest by this Tuesday or Wednesday. Woot.

But you might say: "what about your netbook? Don't be that girl who wants a big laptop or nothing at all."

Well, as you might remember from this fateful day, my netbook got...moistened, if you will, when I left the skylight open, not expecting an impromptu rainstorm. After a few days of letting the machine dry out, I turned it on to find that I could no longer make exclamation points with the left shift key, and the sensor pad was acting a little funny, but other than that, everything seemed good. I bought a wireless mouse (I had totally forgotten how much mouses, mice (?) rock compared to touch pads), which seemed to clear up the left-clicking problem. There were a few days of bliss; everything seemed to be going well. And then my poor babe had a relapse. I turned it on a few nights ago to find that I had lost the backspace and delete keys, the tilde key, and most of the F(number) row. Weird. So I turned it off and on again. The screen never came back. The flashing lights told me it was on, but all I got was the black screen of death. Turned it off and on again; this time, it halfway turned itself on and then shut off completely.

Oh no. By this time, I figured I had done enough damage and should just bring it to the tech people at school. After all, they know what to do with this sort of thing. They fix disasters, right? So in the depths of the overly-air-conditioned (seriously, the building is arctic), I learned three truths.
1. My hard drive is fine and all of my files could be saved (win)
2. My RAM card is fine (again, win)
3. My motherboard has died a most untimely death. It has entered the void and will never come back to me (so, SO not a win)

My netbook had given me a few beautiful days of operation, but apparently, they had been destined to be its final breaths before it gave in to whatever water damage had apparently so softly grazed its circuitry. It was two years old. Still a juvenile and in the prime of its life. I had even just cleaned the entire keyboard; it was shiny and everything.

Upon hearing of my netbook's fate, I developed a whopping case of the epicsadz and began my search for a new motherboard, hoping and praying that my father would be able to install it himself, to avoid paying someone else $200 to do it. Who knew that the motherboard is the bulk of the cost of a computer? Not me. There's apparently no such thing as repair on a budget. Especially when for not a whole lot more, I could have a slightly less powerful, brandy new and updated version of my dear, lost friend. This is the story of how my debit card took an expensive punch in the face as I found myself having to purchase a new piece of technology (and not have to worry that something besides the motherboard would also need replacement). Yes, spending money of any amount makes me feel like I have acid reflux, but I know that I cannot bring my super heavy, 1.5 hour battery life, T-rex of a laptop to and from class, the library, etc. Sometimes, I feel like it's going to yell at me when I move it around too much.

So again, we come to the realization that I've become borderline addicted to gmail/facebook/skype/hulu, so much so that I've been hurting in the days that I haven't had a computer whenever I want it. It's sad, but I only need my computer as much as any other technology-age person does, so before you scoff at my inability to make my own fun, think about your own life. You're sitting in front of your computer RIGHT NAO. Seriously, go out and play.

On the upside, I've been napping and reading like an absolute champ. I'll take successes, even when they're tiny. I guess that just means that they're more fitting for my stature.

Not a bad substitute of my time. Actually, it rocks.
Also, I've discovered that the COOP has an entire book shelf devoted to Tolkein. Their textbooks prices might suck, but they're doing something right.

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