Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Night of Strange Happenings

So this weekend, I came home to CT because I needed a dose of my BFF. More specifically, I came home to see Katy Perry with my BFF, because we like to rock out. A post covering the show will follow either tonight or tomorrow because 1. she's just that cool and 2. I'm too ADD to write two posts in a row.

BFFs since homeroom of freshman year, btw.

Fabulous concert aside, the night was marked by both awkward and fun incidents, which reminded me of both why I've run away from Eastern CT and what I miss about it when I'm not here.

1. Standing in the casino when a girl who's approximately 14-17 years old waves her hands in our faces and yells "Hi haters, hi haters!" - This was uncalled for, given the fact that I was engaged in pleasant conversation and in fact not hating on anyone.

2. Running into NFA classmates with whom I made eye contact but never actually spoke during high school - kind of uncomfortable, but so, so typical

3. Being asked "Are you from around here" by someone that I went to high school with - kind of embarrassing

4. Having a really friendly (probably shwasty) stranger insist upon taking a photograph with us on his iPhone because we "looked nice" - kind of awesome. Thanks mystery man, for making us feel awesome!

5. Impromptu two-person dance party next to my mini-van on the top floor of the parking garage - super fun. There are only so many people in this world who would dance on a parking garage with me, especially after dancing at a concert for several hours.
                    5a. Being told to "f*ck off" and being called ho's by a group of angsty, self-important teens in a station wagon during our dance party - Not nice. If you don't like my dance moves, feel free to either leave me in my dancing happy-place or to teach me something better.
                    5b. Being told by a girl in a different station wagon that she loved our dance party- awesome. It's nice to see that some people can appreciate our shameless moves talent.

Consensus: I love my girl and we conquered Saturday night like the champs that we are.


  1. Having you at the pre-concert pizza party at my house was pretty awesome for me!! Hope that glitter gave your nite an extra boost!

  2. uhm, basically one of the best nights ever!
    <3 doublemint