Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lamentations of a tired girl

Woe is me. As of late, it's gotten difficult to sleep at Harvard. Maybe it's the fact that I'm trying to fall asleep in Cabot when I know that I belong in Winthrop, but that could just be my lion-pride speaking. More likely, my predicament has something or other to do with the window situation. In the heat of summer, it only makes sense to keep windows open, no?

Bugs. Unfortunately, open windows invite the insects of the night to explore the light of my standing lamp. Oh, my windows have no screens in them and neither of them are shaped such that they would be able to open and close with a screen. Few things are as nerve-wracking as entering that last second before blissful sleep and hearing the beating wings of a moth or the buzz of a mosquito. Just the knowledge that something is there is enough to send my mind into high alert mode. You know what I mean.

Too close for comfort.

Noise. Right now, the skies of Cambridge are doing what they do best (raining), which means that the skylight is closed. Learn from my mistakes, I do. Unfortunately, the rain beating against the glass sounds like the galloping hooves of a thousand stampeding mares. How am I supposed to fall asleep with a herd of horses running all over the roof? 

Noise 2.0. The birds of Cambridge are unnecessarily early risers. There is no reason to leave one's nest and start the day at 3:30 in the morning. I feel no affection to their tweets as they rise with the sun. See 2:10 below for the all-too-true opinion of Kingsley, one of my favorite Youtube sensations. I won't bother trying to say it better. 


Light. I've gotten pretty good at remembering to close the skylight shade every night before going to bed, because failing to do so pretty much ensures that I'll be jolted out of sleep at 3:30/4ish when the sun starts it ascent. If I happen to sleep through the sunrise, I'll absolutely be woken up a few hours later as the overhead window turns into a giant magnifying glass to cook me like an ant in my own bed. This is probably more unpleasant than the birds, but less so than the buzzing of the ninja mosquitoes.

The remedy: Naps, coffee, and in extreme cases, Motrin PM. And that's how you overcome adversity like a boss.

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