Sunday, June 26, 2011

I want to be a California Gurl

Katy Perry's California Dreams tour makes for one of the most well put-together shows that I've seen in a long while. It's like Candy Land and Alice in Wonderland all rolled together and hosted by an adorable bubblegum/whipped cream/gumdrop/cupcake girl.


The set was something out of Willy Wonka with whipped cream mountains, bon-bon shaped confetti,  and candy canes on the stairs. There's nothing I like more than vibrant colors and gratuitous amounts of glitter; sometimes, life really is all about rainbows and sparkles.

I love any occasion that allows me to dress up, wear shiny heels and spray myself with hair and body glitter (yeah, I looked like a Christmas ornament, but I could have used a lot more shine).

Oh look, that's Katy Perry in the background. With a super long, tri-colored boa.

Here are a few highlights of the concert:

1. When she invited approximately 60 fans onstage to dance with her and stopped her performance to take a facebook profpic with an awkward tween

2. When she shot whipped cream (or was it soap?) into the audience during California Gurls

3. When she gave a shout out to NY's new legislation and reminded everyone that CT was one of the first states to allow gay marriage. Pretty progressive for the daughter of a Christian pastor.

4. When she sang covers of Whip my Hair and Friday

5. Her approximately two and a half million costume changes

6. Her glittery candy button outfit - it was both shiny and delicious looking!

7. The fact that her show had an actual storyline, rather than being just a hodgepodge of her famous hits

8. The pyrotechnics used when she sang Firework

9. Rainbows, sparkles, and the fact that she's the most adorable thing on the planet

Oh look, that's Katy Perry in my hand.

Verdict: 1. Rockin' concert, 2. I want to play Candy Land, and 3. I may or may not dream about cupcakes for the next week or so.

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