Sunday, May 15, 2011


In my parent's excitement that their little girl is no longer in the house and that they can re-decorate to their hearts' content, they got rid of my bed frame last year. This means that for the last two years, my bed has been sitting atop two sheets of plywood and a frame that is ON WHEELS. Yes, this means that if I sit with my back against the wall for too long, I actually roll across my room.

Pretty sure these are supposed to be for moving.

To be fair, my bed doesn't totally suck. It's a Sleep Number, which kind of rocks, but it would be fabulous if my bed didn't look like it belonged in the projects. So why do I bring this up? Because my father just walked into my bedroom with a BEDFRAME. Okay, so it's left over from my grandparents' house, but it's made of real wood and it will keep my mattress from roving all over my room. Cool. Oh, but my mattress will still sit on two slabs of plywood because we don't have an extra boxspring I'm too fancy for boxsprings and shit.

Yeah, I am.

Also, the head and foot boards have some pineapple motif on them. So I'm pretty much in the tropics (Disclaimer: this motif could also be pinecones, but I'm not entirely sure).

The point is, my bed is all classy and shit and I'm super excited about it.

Also, this bed is really sweet. 

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