Wednesday, May 11, 2011

End of the Semester Misery Rant

Just because Harvard hates my guts, I've yet again been assigned the very last possible exam time on the very last possible exam date. What this means is that while everyone that I know and love is getting the hell out of town, I'll be crying in the corner, reading Shakespeare and wanting it all to be over. There is nothing enjoyable about being the last one on campus. It was bad enough after first semester, when everyone went home for winter break, but this time, the room will be empty except for my own sad desk and unpacked belongings. **See below

And once the last exam is done, there's the mad scramble to throw everything in boxes and suitcases in order to be out by noon the next day. Oh, and since I harken from the great state of Connecticut (cough), I can't leave a damn thing at Harvard. So this is what packing means to someone who drives rather than flies home:
1. Throw EVERYTHING into plastic garbage bags.
2. Wait for parents to show up in mini-van. They will be late.
3. Panic when everything doesn't seem to fit in vehicle. Question when you acquired so much stuff.
4. Remember that there is always more room and reposition seat to fit all of the crap.
5. Deal with it (or not) upon arriving home.

And this year, with an exam on the last possible date and a paper due the day after, I will be finishing by semester from home, submitting my final story via email from Connecticut. It's the semester that never ends.

But really, it's that last night on campus that's the worst. The Saturday night into Sunday morning when I'm the only one left in the room and everyone, everyone has moved on. But with a paper due on Sunday, I can't even try to enjoy that last night with the remaining orgo students who will spend the night raging to celebrate their survival through the pre-med weed out class. I won't have anything to celebrate until Sunday night. When I'm at home. Without any of my Harvard peeps.

Pretend like there's a picture that represents misery here.

And for as much as I'll complain throughout the semester, I know that summer is a 3 month waiting period before I can go back to the goodness of college.

End rant.


  1. I love reading your blog, it is so funny lol
    This is emily...nash