Monday, June 6, 2011

A Cry for Help

I've always been told to study what I love in college and that the job will follow. I love English. I like words and grammar and books. However, I've come to the realization that English is about the most unreliable major that I could have picked. Here's why:

1. I don't like kids (read: I will not be a teacher).
2. I would never survive in law school.
3. To the remarks that I should write books, writers are hot or cold. If you're not J.K. Rowling or someone else that's comparably famous, you're probably the author of the terrible romance novel on the back shelf.
4. You can't read for a living.

So looking to what else I like: Italian. This is useful if I live in Italy. And that's about it. I mean, I won't stop studying it just because it's not exactly...practical, but I understand that there's not much call for people with a degree in English and mild proficiency in Italian. *Le sigh*

This graph is outdated, but Italian's still not there, today.
 I think that means I'm of little/no use.

I figure the closest thing to all of this that's actually applicable to today's society is Spanish. I like languages and cultures. Sweet. Sounds perfect, no? However, being a rising junior, I've run out of time to "explore my passions" in college. If I start on the Spanish thing, it has to work.

I also really like foreign language keyboards. 

This all means that if people have any other suggestions regarding how to not spend for years getting a degree that'll throw me under the bus, I would love to hear them. I read, write, and edit. I like Italian and I don't have a whole lot of time left to figure something else out. Pleasehelp.

Die. **

This is the part where I hyperventilate and curl into the fetal position, scared that I will never ever find a job in the real world. It's also when I wonder how my summer vacation has devolved into a frantic search for a future. All I want is mind-blowing fame and success, alright?

** On the plus side, I've just discovered an English Major Armadillo internet meme. I'm about a thousand times more excited than I should be. That last sentence was an example of hyperbole. Win.


  1. Hey,

    Well I find your plight quite interesting but not terribly unique in the world of English majors seeing as I have a few acquaintances that are as well. However, I offer my opinion for what it is worth. Have you considered journalism? Given that this enables you the opportunity to range all of your interests of writing, reading, and editing. Also you could apply your interest in foreign languages such as Italian in a practical sense given that with journalism you have numerous options from writing or editing or researching for local newspapers, big newspapers, magazines of all sorts, of course in this world blogs and internet sites ( which you already seem fairly adapt at) or even travel guides. While it may not be the most glamourous job out there it seems that it fits most of your interests and leaves you with many interesting possibilities and avenues to explore within the field. Simply food for thought. I hope you are doing well other wise and would love to hear your opinion and what path you end up considering.

  2. Career paths are non-linear. Just apply for every job you can find and are qualified for once graduation roles around. Maybe you'll end up hating whatever job you take, and if so you can apply for more jobs and move on. A 20-something has a lot of flexibility you'll never see again. It's better to get a job that you hate and work it for a year or two, get something on your resume and move on, than not to be working at all. Sadly, life is not academia where one may always pursue what is interesting or compelling to them.

  3. Or you could major in something more practical or take more practical (read: challenging) classes and stop obsessing over your boyfriend.

  4. lmfao, oh hey April, please stop obsessing over me too.
    love your doublemint twin.

  5. @Bitter anonymous person,
    Oooh, that wasn't very nice. You could really hurt someone by making comments like that.

    Also, I'm 99% sure who you are.

  6. Where in ANY of your posts do you even mention your boyfriend? wtf?