Sunday, March 13, 2011

UCONN FTW (but really)

Within 72 hours of being home:

  • I have had two conversations with my father about UConn basketball.
  • I have watched two UConn basketball games.
  • UConn won the Big East Championship.
Conclusion: The UConn huskies rock my world. 
Oh hey, Jonathon.
The men have pulled off what they logically shouldn't have. They won the Big East Championship after entering the tournament ranked number 14 in the Big East. They lost the last 4 out of 5 regular season games. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? 

Because Jim Calhoun finally figured it out. And UConn rocks. And the Husky Nation is where it's at.
Surrious time.

praisethelord/jazz hands

Oh, and Kemba Walker is a straight-up baller. Seriously. He draws fouls like a champ, shoots free throws like a champ, and carries the team LIKE A CHAMP. Okay, so he's sort of  pretty damn aggressive, but he's just so good that it hardly matters.

So legit.

And they didn't just win the tournament. They took the title after a game of back and forth leads and the most intense final two minutes, basically ever. As in, two minutes turned into ten between the incessant fouls, free throws, and timeouts. Good lord, what drama queens.

Champs. NBD.

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