Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm a Domestic Rockstar

My boredom hath no bounds. Either that, or I seriously need to start exploring my creative outlets. Here's a look at the conversation that ran through my head tonight:

"I've exhausted the internet. I've exhausted the television. Now what?
Imma sew something!"

So that's exactly what I did. I MADE MYSELF A SKIRT. No, this is not one of my past times. I don't frequently make myself clothing. I don't even know how to use a standard sewing machine. But I was *inspired,* and who am I to turn away a muse? No, I had to make a skirt.

Granted, I have LITERALLY NEVER done this before, so my article of clothing is really nothing other than a tube of fabric with an elastic waistband and a finished hem (aka it's about as advanced as something you might find at AmericanApparel). However,I have never been so proud in my life. I sewed it with my own two hands, sans machine, sans pattern, and sans assistance.

Who made that again? Oh, yeah. I DID.

Oh, and it's plaid. So I may or may not have just reached ultimate hipster status (damnit). On the other hand, I've also gained about a billion domesticity points. This is excellent, considering that as an English major, I will probably never have the money to actually buy my own clothing. Granted, there's a chance that I'll never wear this skirt, considering the fact that it really is...a tube of fabric, but it's important because of what it represents (I'm an English major; leave me alone). It represents that I have the potential to clothe myself if meed be. And that feels awesome.  It's comforting to know that I'll never be forced to run around nakey.

Basking in my glory (check my optical illusion elbow)

Well, this was entirely impulsive. And awesome. In fact, I feel like such a baller that this skirt is coming back to school with me. It's going in my closet where I can see it everyday and remember that one time when I made an article of clothing entirely on a whim. Champ status.

**Note: When deciding to conduct an arts and crafts project while listening to music on your laptop, keep materials far, far away from the computer. Otherwise, you might accidentally knock a container of pins onto the keyboard. You then might spend 10 minutes shaking the aforementioned laptop back and forth and upside down and trying to pick pins out from between the keys. You might even have a mild panic attack, thinking that the pins would puncture all sorts of important wires and mechanisms inside the laptop. Your mind might even be transported back to computer spillage disasters. Wouldn't that be awful...

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