Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today, I rediscovered my love for Shakira. After watching Waka Waka and the Spanish version of Waka Waka (Estoy es Africa!), I remember why I have the World's.Biggest.Girl-crush on Shakira. Not only is she BEYOND talented, but she's super hot.

I would dance for Africa.

I mean, she speaks Spanish, English and Portugese fluently. She's proficient in Italian, French, and Arabic. She's won a ton of awards and has created an incredibly long and successful career for herself. According to Wikipedia (the omniscient internet god), she's the third most-viewed artist of ALL TIME. That's pretty cool


I want her talent, I want her body, and I want her life. I want to be Shakira. I SO want to be Shakira. 
I want my hips to tell the truth like hers do. 
I want to have a She-Wolf in my closet like she does. 
I want to go Whenever, Wherever, like she does.

I will always be too Caucasian to dance like her. 

Shakira's my idol. Personally, I think that she's a great person to look up to. Attractive, powerful, successful, and talented. And she has FANTASTIC hair. Really. She rocks the beachy waves. 

Shakira rocks. SO HARD.

Goal: Be just like her.

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