Friday, February 11, 2011

Gmail Fail.

Gmail has failed me. In the last 24 hours, I have received over 3,000 old messages from my @college email account. I don't know if the issues lies with Google or with the @college (I'm going to say @college, because I refuse to believe that Google can fail), but I am beyond displeased with the state of my inbox.

Gmail rides the Fail-Whale?

When I log onto my email and see that I apparently have over 1,000 unread messages, my heart rate rises to an unhealthy level. I ALWAYS keep my inbox at zero; if I don't intend to read a message, I delete it immediately rather than let it fester and rot in my inbox. Consequently, every time Gmail imports 400 or so old messages, I have to seek them out and delete them. It's a search and destroy mission to preserve my sanity.

DIE, year old messages.

Call me OCD, I probably am. But I just can't take being told that literally hundreds of correspondences are waiting on my replies. I'm overcommitted enough, dammit. I can't take outdated responsibilities on top of everything else. I don't need to hear about my freshman year classes all over again, I don't want to read last year's electronic Yard Bulletins, and I don't want to be re-invited to Dean Dingman's freshman open house events.

I just need a completely clean inbox. All the time.

Gmail has decided to re-import LITERALLY EVERYTHING that has EVER been sent to my @college account. Ever. And it's not just me that's experiencing this royal pain-in-the-ass. Harvard students all over the place are complaining about their exploding inboxes and confusion as to why the intertoobes have decided to bombard us with all of our past Harvard messages. Email is stressful enough at Harvard, so multiplying my inbox by about a billion every thirty minutes does NOT help my internet-induced anxiety.

Harvard, Google, let's get it together, please.

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