Friday, February 4, 2011


I love the snow, I really do. I love snow angels and snowball fights and snow forts. I wouldn't say that I've really been suffering per se, this winter. I am, however, seriously disappointed in Harvard's reaction to the recent snow-pocalypse. Over the past few days, Harvard's been working diligently to clear the roads everywhere BUT in front of Winthrop house. Mill Street, Holyoke Street, and Dunster Street (read: the roads to my home) are still hidden beneath several inches of ice and slush. My question is, why hasn't this been remedied yet? One plow and 30 minutes could make the Winthrop-Eliot-Kirkland area a whole lot safer. One plow and 30 minutes could allow me to wear something other than my thigh-high Wellies every time I step out the door. One plow and 30 minutes would make it look like the University has actually tried to clear a path or two around the river houses.

This is not a joke.

But let's move on. Once I make it into my building's courtyard, I get to dodge one more bullet before actually reaching my entryway and room. And by bullet, I mean waterfall. My particular entryway doesn't happen to have an awning covering its door. It does, however, happen to be located beneath a large gutter and several ferocious looking icicles. To date, I haven't been impaled on my own doorstep yet, but these watery stalactites pose other dangers. During the day, they drip and drip, creating a perpetual waterfall right in front of the door and in front of the ID sensor.

SO not what I want to deal with when I'm thisclose to being inside and safe.
 Dodging droplets is bad enough (**Note: this is not a sparse drip or two. It's actually a steady stream of water that blocks the entire doorway area), but it's even more dangerous at night. Once the sun dips below the horizon, all of the water that has melted onto my doorstep during the day freezes and turns into black ice. Great. Now the walkway and steps are an ice rink, and my rubber Wellies just aren't going to provide me any sort of traction. Tread carefully.

Let's not do this on my doorstep, kay?

I demand salt and sand. I demand plow trucks. It's dangerous out there. If Harvard's not going to give us a snow day in light of the wintery perils, the administration needs to at least deal with the mess. Seriously. It's been days and it's only a matter of time before I take a digger and break something. And if I end up having to deal with this mess on crutches, heads.will.roll.


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