Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Excitement Cup has Runeth Over

Fate has smiled upon me. As was evidenced in a post that I wrote about a week ago (SHAKIRA SHAKIRA), I basically idolize Shakira. Since then, my performance group was selected to dance in the afternoon matinĂ©e show for Cultural Rhythms 2011. These events may seem unrelated, but wait. The matinĂ©e show is hosted by a special guest -- the Harvard Foundation's Artist of the Year.

Shakira is the Artist of the Year.

Shakira is coming to Harvard. Shakira will announce my group. We will dance on the very stage that she's standing on. I've spent the last 24 hours or so dancing around like an excited young lass while watching her videos and listening to her music on repeat.

Especially the video for her song "Gypsy." Hello smokin' hott Rafael Nadal.

Nadal+Shakira =too much attractiveness to handle
Also, what I didn't mention before is that Shakira is extra fierce because she's short. In fact, she's 5'2". Which is only 3 inches taller than me. So here's the plan.

1. Wow Shakira with my rockin' dance moves during Cultural Rhythms. 
2. Connect with Shakira on the basis of our heights. She'll notice that I'm tiny and that she's (less) tiny. Then, she'll have an epiphany that she needs more tiny in her music videos and stage performances. She will realize that I am precisely the sort of tiny that she needs.
3. Drop out of school and start my awesome career as one of Shakira's backup dancers. My hips will not lie.

And then I'll chill with Wyclef.



  1. she is 3 inches TALLER than you

  2. She's right. Three inches taller puts Shakira in an entirely different category. It's material if the three inch variance is greater than five percent of the your total height, which it would be. I'm only joking. Push her down and you'll be four feet, eleven inches taller than her.