Thursday, August 25, 2011

New England weather gets X-TREME

This post is inspired by Dexy's Midnight Runner. And climate change.


The week started out with the famed Virginia earthquake that caused the entire eastern seaboard to freak the hell out. Meanwhile, California pointed and laughed at how the northeast completely peed its pants over the 5.8 magnitude shimmy. I did not feel it.

According to, Hurricane Irene should hit Connecticut/Massachusetts this coming Sunday. I'll be moving back on campus on Saturday, so I really, really hope that this is one of those odd times when the forecasters aren't just taking a stab in the dark. Living in New England, I've become pretty accustomed to omg-we're-all-going-to-die-severe weather warnings that turn out to be small rainstorms or light snowfalls. However, the blonde blondie on the television says that Irene "could be the most dangerous hurricane of our lifetime (!!11!!111!)." We even made it to the extreme level.

At least it's not catastrophic?

So does this mean that I should be afeared? The weatherman has gotten me excited with krazy forecasts so many times before, but more often than not, I'm sorely disappointed. Granted, Irene had better not come to say hello until all of my belongings are moved from the mini van to my dorm. I don't really care to move in amidst pouring rain and gale force winds. I'd also like for my amigos to be able to get to campus without having flights canceled and rerouted all over the place. If I have to wait until the middle of next week to reunite with my peeps from across the country, I'm going to get all angsty and annoyed.

But I could use some adventure. As long as I can watch the torrents safely from behind a thick window (perhaps with a cup of tea), I'm all for the big scary insanity of Irene. There's no cable on campus, so I'll take whatever entertainment I can get.

People are already starting to get their panties all twisted over Irene. Grocery store shelves are devoid of bread and bottled water. Five states have declared proactive states of emergency. Several large cities and counties have issued mandatory evacuations. I'm not entirely sure if we're awaiting a storm or an extraterrestrial invasion. That said, if my basement floods and the windows of my house are blown out, I'm totally going to regret having written this.

Blame it on global warming/climate change, fate, or the impending rapture, the end of the world is coming in the form of wind and rain for some reason or another. But I'm from New England. I've dealt with rain, blizzards, and even (small) hail. So Irene, bring it. I'm waiting.



  2. But due to international copyright restrictions, it's not Godzilla...

  3. I didn't feel the earthquake either!! I was so disappointed. And yeah, this hurricane nonsense is just ridiculous.

    Your post reminded me of this: