Saturday, July 23, 2011

Life in Cambridge: Part 3

I am a summer survivor. Still with no computer of my own, I've learned how to survive in Cambridge even though I'm under age 21. Granted, this includes a lot of reading, even more napping, and quite a bit of wandering around Harvard Square, but I've learned some important lessons.

1. Heat waves suck. One-hundred degree weather with 50+% humidity rather feels like you're living in the Everglades/drowning in your own sweat. Solutions:
  1. Talcom powder. Lots of it. I know I'm not 6 months old, but I am suffering. Don't judge me.
  2. Soak a shirt, lay it on bare skin, and point a fan directly at it. Homemade air conditioner! Granted, you might end up with a shredded immune system, but it's totally worth it.
  3. Borrow a movie and watch it in Lamont. Libraries are air conditioned and contain feature films that you do not have to pay for. I'm watching Mean Girls as I type. I am so fetch.
2. I'm way too attached to the internet. And with my laptop in the technological ICU, I've been suffering. I don't even have a phone with internet. Or a radio. So many grievances upon my tattered soul. Solutions:
  1. Libraries - air conditioned and free computers.
  2. Science Center - air conditioned, free computers, and fewer high schoolers freaking about their summer school classes.
  3. Read a book/take a walk. Not at the same time. 
3. People in Cambridge skeeve me out. Like the homeless guy who told me my dress was "adorable" the other day, or the grunge kid who keeps three city rats as pets in a hamster cage.
Or this guy. You work out. Congrats. Is that even a shirt?
  1. No walking alone after dark. There are real city rats on the street after dark.
  2. Look no one in the eye. You never know who'll try to put a hex on you.
  3. Walk with a purpose. If you don't, you might get roped into taking some old man's Bible quiz.

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  1. Mean girls- I love that movie! and if I tried to live without computer access 24/7, that would be completely not fetch :)