Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winklevoss: it's over. Let it go.

Reading my way through the New York Times online, I found this gem:

I urge everyone to read this article, knowing that the Winklevoss twins are NOT indicative of the Harvard norm. I think it's about time for them to give up on this fight against Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook fight is over and they haven't even lost. Here are a few reasons why it's time for them to give it up:

1. They've already won $20 million in cash and $45 million in Facebook shares. You're rich. Congratulations.

I will never make this much money in my entire life.

2. The Winklevoss name is irreversibly attached to Facebook. The Social Network has made sure of that. They're known for the website *almost* as much as Mark is.

But not without a few enemies.

3. They're independently successful...even without Facebook:
  • Harvard graduates
  • Independently wealthy
  • Olympic athletes
  • They're attractive - girls aren't rejecting them because of the Facebook scandal.
They're doing something right, anyway.

It's time for the Winklevoss twins to give it up before people start to think that they're petty and only concerned about money.... imagine that. They've gotten a lot out of this court settlement and, personally, I don't think that they're going to get much more, no matter how long they drag out this ordeal. 

Yeah, it's the biggest thing on the interwebs. NBD.

I'm sure that this settlement is not the most important case that our courts could be spending their time on. There are bigger and meaner baddies out there than Mark Zuckerberg. Let's take care of them first.

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