Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Ramble.

Apparently I adapt to sleeping changes rather quickly. After four days of waking up early to go skiing, I now cannot seem to sleep in to a Sunday-in-college appropriate hour. More specifically, I woke up at EIGHT THIRTY this morning. This is unacceptable seeing how I went to bed at about 3:30am. Why on earth does my body think that it can function properly on five hours of sleep? Why the hell am I not in deep slumber with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head?

Brunch doesn't start until noon and there' a snowball's chance in hell that anyone else would be awake so early. There's no one to talk to, but there's a whole lot of silence screaming at me from my empty common room. Early on a Sunday, there are only so many options to keep myself occupied. For example:

  • Lay in bed for 45 minutes, willing myself to sleep. Fail.
  • Check my email over and over, willing the intertubes to send me something to respond to. Fail.
  • Read Lolita. Semi-success.
  • Stare out the window like a cat in front of a bird feeder. And wonder how the sun can be so bright and cheery so early in the morning. Boring.
  • Think about how early I'm going to be tired tonight. I'll give myself until about 9pm. Crap.
  • Wonder if the insomnia that plagued me last semester is returning, but with sleeplessness moving to the morning rather than when I go to sleep. Really, REALLY hope not.
Oh, and I can ramble about my troubles on the internet. This is officially the most boring blog post ever, but what else can I do so early in the morning? Classes haven't even started yet, so there's no work to do.

I fail so hardcore that I even fail at sleeping. So.Much.Fail.

The tree is a metaphor for life. I'm so deep.

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