Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Time's up. Welcome home.

First semester is FINALLY OVER.  After sitting through approximately 4 hours of final presentations, I left the lab at 6pm, packed my bags (read: hastily threw some clothing into a duffel) and peaced out of Winthrop, out of Harvard, out of Cambridge, and out of Massachusetts. By that point, I was willing to walk home if I had to. Talk about the longest semester ever. And the most stress-filled two weeks ever. Admittedly, I turned into a bit of a cray-cray, but that's temporary right? It goes away with R&R, right? Right?

Me, during finals week.
I even felt stressed out on the ride home. Which is completely irrational, because the semester is over, my classes are finished, and I was on my way home to the wonderful land of marvels and happiness called Connecticut. Oh, that's right... But it's home, and there's a decorated tree, and a Dicken's Village, and stockings, and cookies, and garland. 

Dickens Village: Too adorable for words, no?

So instead of shopping for gifts or baking cookies or writing Christmas cards or doing anything remotely festive or productive, I'm sitting on my arse watching Ace of Cakes because Duff is a boss and his cakes are SWEET (pun alert). Seriously, this show is captivating. It's (kind of) fulfilling my desire for sweets while getting me in the holiday mood as I watch them decorate a four foot cake Christmas tree. This cake is almost me-sized. Just picture a cake that's as tall as I am. So.Much.Cake. 

Badass, Why is he So.Cool?

Now that I'm home, I don't have a dining hall to camp out in, so I've moved to the double-wide reclining chair. Yeah, it's made for two people, but no way do I share it. It's mine. I need to spread out. Okay, time to decompress. I will become one with the recliner. This is zen. Poorly upholstered zen.

I take up a lot of room, kay?