Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finals/Internet Broken Heart

WHY AM I NOT DONE WITH FINALS YET? One more project. Due Tuesday. I'm living in the dining hall again. It's no wonder finals are making me fat. I can't even justifiably blame it on the stress; it's a personal self-control fail.

But onto even more frustrating problems. Why, why, why can't my netbook seem to keep a stable internet connection in the dining hall? Granted, the internet isn't really vital to my project, but I would love to be able to listen to music online without it skipping and stopping every couple of minutes. Then I have to disconnect from the internet and reconnect. I don't get it. This does not happen on anyone else's computer. This does not happen with my laptop. Is my netbook just too small and frail to keep a stable connection? Instable internet makes me a sad panda. How am I supposed to procrastinate without my facebook and gmail? Oh wait, I spend more time DISCONNECTING AND RECONNECTING to the internet. Talk about a totally unfulfilling procrastination. 

I cannot take these blocks of silence. All I want is a continuous stream of music please. That's it. I won't even procrastinate (as much) if I could just listen to my music like a normal human being. This is actually beyond frustrating. Lightyears beyond frustrating. Stupid netbook. Stupid internet. Stupid dining hall. Stupid project. 

Also, I am in love LOVE love with the song "Stereo Love" and every time it skips on me, my heart breaks a little bit. Seriously. In fact, I'm listening to it right now. And it makes me want to dance and be productive and take a vacation all at once. That's conflicting. I want it on repeat. I'm in (stereo) love.

Want. Want so much.

The music video is also amazing. Here are some reasons why I can't stop watching it:
  • Attractive male 
  • Epic walking
  • Beautiful Grecian (I think) beaches and white houses
  • Epic stair-climbing

Where's my attractive male that I can walk (epicly) on Grecian islands with? I want one.

Other songs that I've been listening to on repeat for the past couple of days:

  1. Kids - MGMT
  2. Marry You - Bruno Mars (credit: Julian)
  3. F*ck You - Cee Lo Green
  4. Grenade - Bruno Mars 
  5. Magic - B.o.B
  6. Please Don't Go - Mike Posner (credit: Julian)
  7. Memories - David Guetta
  8. 2012 - Jay Sean
  9. Animal - Neon Trees
  10. Right Above It - Lil Wayne (credit: Jordan)

Power playlist right there. 

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