Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Small Revelation

I really am short. And I believe that I started this blog based on my adventures as a petite female in a world that has me constantly on my tip-toes. I suppose I don't write about being short very much because I often forget about it. It's like having brown hair or being right handed. You don't think about it everyday. However, every once in a while, something happens to remind me that I am really.really.short.

This is my friend Nolan. There is a most impressive height difference between the two of us. If he would only grow another inch (because I'm unwilling to shrink an inch), we would have a TWO FOOT HEIGHT DISCREPANCY. If only. As it is, his waist hits me at my shoulders. His legs are approximately four fifths of my entire height. Yikes.

Perhaps my decision to befriend the tallest people that I come across is part of my constant desire to live vicariously through a tall person. I often think about how different my life would be if I wasn't 4'10". Here's a list of my musings:

  • I would spend less time on my tiptoes (con: I would have weak, sad, fleshy calves).
  • I would always be able to reach the top shelf (con: I wouldn't get to develop the sweet climbing skills that I've acquired over time).
  • I would see fewer chests and more tops of heads in my daily passings. I would love to see more faces.
  • Crowded shuttles, parties, events etc. would be much less awkward (again, refer to the previous "seeing lots of chests" comment).
  • I would probably lose my statuses as limbo and hide-and-go-seek champs. Am I really willing to risk this?
  • I would actually have to walk with the crowd, instead of weaving my way in and out of small pockets of space until reaching my destination. 
  • People would stop commenting on my height. Although by this point, I don't particularly care anymore.
  • "Life is short." Clearly, I'm well adapted. I'm sure that Darwin would agree.

Final verdict? I have none. I wish that I could be tall for a day to see what it's like. I've grown so accustomed, however, to my stature that maybe living petite-ly is for the best. 
I'm so small. 

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  1. Con: If you were Nolan's height, people would comment on it.