Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little "Relaxation"

So, I decided to get my life together this year and take a few yoga classes. You know, nothing intense, just once a week, for an hour on Sundays. I've noticed myself becoming a little more stretchy; I can almost palm the floor. It's relaxing. I breathe deeply like a champ.

Pffffft. NOT A CHANCE.

I guess I was getting too confident. Apparently, yoga gets harder. A lot harder.

Today, I wanted a break from academic/reading period/finals mode and found myself really in the mood for some yoga. But it's Wednesday. So I looked on YouTube, where I found what looked to be a great four-part series, amounting to about 30 minutes of activity. Sounds great right? Well, the first 10-15 minutes certainly were -- I felt like a boss who could twist myself into all of the poses. That is, until the instructor started contorting her body into formations that I haven't seen on Sunday afternoons yet (like handstands on the wall and supporting herself sideways with one arm and leg). This is when I started to sweat. Literally. It was beginning to look like I had just run a marathon. Sweating and panting in the middle of my dorm room like a fool... waiting for one of my roommates to walk in and burst into laughter. JUST WHEN did I get so out of shape?! Oh that's right; it must have been sometime in the last month and a half during which I've neglected the gym. In 30

Core cramping. Arms burning. Lungs bursting. Legs wobbling.
This is so sad. I've never gotten winded from stretching before.
It's time to get back on my game. And to accept that my participation in beginner yoga classes in fact does not make me a master of my body.

I'm going to be sore tomorrow morning.

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