Friday, December 31, 2010

Self-acknowledged scaredy cat

I'm making a poor decision as I write -- I'm currently watching Zodiac. You know, that movie about a psycho killer with a riveting calling card that no one can seem to track down? Oh yeah, I suppose that it is pretty formulaic. But the thing is, I do NOT under any circumstances watch horror movies. I hate being afraid. I don't visit haunted houses, I skip out when my friends go to the latest thrillers, and I don't even particularly like Halloween. I spook like a jittery cat and have the interesting capacity to stay afraid of what I've seen for days after I see it. And for that reason, I have a strict personal no-horror-movie policy. If my parents watch one, I leave the room. I've left a party and read a book for a few hours in order to avoid watching...something particularly gruesome. Yeah, I'll ditch my friends for my own sanity. I'm not kidding about this.


The first and last horror movie I've watched straight through was The Ring. I watched it years ago -- in 7th or 8th grade, and it was an awful, horrible, terrible idea. Truth: I slept with my bedroom door open and the hall light on for over a month after watching it. Truth: I had to invent a regimen of things to think about each night before I fell asleep so that my mind wouldn't wander back to scenes from the movie. Truth: If I was more vindictive, I would have sued the film company for psychological damages (and lost the case, because it would have been an emotionally charged and utterly stupid claim). I'm not even putting a picture of the film on here because frankly, I don't want to Google image search it.

Too true.

I am a delicate flower. No one makes their potted plants watch horror movies, and I too have little to no desire to intentionally raise my blood pressure, spike my adrenaline, make myself uncomfortable. Would daisies be as happy and proud if they were afraid? Would daffodils look as shiny and cheery if they didn't smile their flowery smiles? I won't speak for the entire garden, but I'm willing to bet that flowers hate horror movies -- it's just logical.

This is me as a delicate flower.

For the aforementioned reasons, I've been dutifully staring at my laptop rather than the television screen since my father flicked on this movie. Now, I know that I said I normally leave the room when someone watched a horror film, but the living room is the warmest room in the house and my laptop is plugged in here. And as we've seen not so long ago, my laptop is about as delicate as I am, and I hate moving it around. I'm going to try to stick out the rest of this movie (I think I missed the first hour or so), but seeing as how I'm a creature of habit, I'll probably end up hitting the power button and running up to my room within the next quarter of an hour. Am I facing my fears, or writing a recipe for disaster? We'll just have to see if I can fall asleep tonight.

WHY don't I have a night light?

In other Zodiac related news, I'm a libra.

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