Saturday, December 25, 2010

Highlights of that Magical Morning

Merry Christmas Y'all!

What's more magical than Christmas morning? The halls are decked, the house smells like pine needles and hot cocoa, and the kids are more than ready to quit acting like angels. And oh yeah, presents.


Here are some highlights from Christmas morning:

1. A perfect looking decorated tree with presents underneath and stockings on the fireplace stuffed with goodies. Consumerism really warms the heart, does in not? But all sarcasm aside, have you ever seen a more idyllic looking Christmas-scape??

Dawwwww, What could be prettier than this?

2. Delicious Christmas-morning apple casserole. Complements to my mother. Nomnomnom.

3. My dog running around and drooling and shedding and jumping and panting with holiday cheer (read: hyperactivity) until she passed out in a lump of snores and sprawling fur atop her new bean-bag chair.

Sometimes, she falls off the bean-bag mid-snore. It's a bit tall for her.

4. Seeing this upcoming weather forecast. It may not be a white Christmas, but the snow is coming. I am the ice queen. Imma go sledding, and throw snowballs, and make a snowman, and flop into a snow angel... and probably shovel the driveway. Victory (for the most part).

6-10 inches, baby. It's igloo time.

5. Hearing the stories of various family members' births from my Grandmother. She always has something worth-while to say. And as an ex-nurse, she makes her stories all the more realistic (read: frightening) with medical terminology and description.

It's the most wonderful time of the year. HAPPINESS AND CHEER. Don't even consider acting like a grump today. If there was ever a day to force-feed yourself with good food, smiles, and joy, it's Christmas day.

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