Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unexpected Library Sightings

An accurate representation of how
much I'm enjoying my time here.
Also, stripes.
I don't study in the library often. There's a reason. It's stuffy, just a little too cold, and full of people who seem to live in a perpetual state of near-panic. But today I'm writing a research paper, so I need to be near books. Sigh. As a reminder of why I prefer to study in my room, here's a list of things I've seen today that a) just don't seem right, and b) have further distracted me from my paper.

Sleeping - Dude a table over from me (wearing formal attire) has been snoozing for the last three hours. He keeps waking up, looking around, and readjusting to nap in a different position. Gazes longingly at the (empty) comfortable lounge chairs in the corner of the room. Sets his head back down on the wooden table and nods off again.
**Yeah, I know this isn't an unusual in a college library, but he came in, napped on and off for three hours, and left.

Rolling cigarettes and drinking Kombucha - Stahp, hipster. Your loose tobacco looks like cat nip.

Jamming - Earphones in, no work out, sitting at a desk four stories below the ground level. Questionable character.

Acting all old school - Like, actually old though. Fifty-something year old man next to me has a MacBook Pro in front of him, he's writing on a legal pad with a mechanical pencil and switching back and forth between two pairs of glasses. Acquire bifocals.

Strolling - Lady stands up, already looking a little odd wearing her earmuffs indoors. Lady takes a lap around the reading room, stopping every once in a while to read book spines or snoop on working students. Lady gazes pensively out a window, probs contemplating her limitless soul and the nature of humanity (she stood there for a while). Lady sits in a cushioned chair and takes a 5 minute power nap(?). Go home, Lady.

Gymnastics - Seriously, someone is using a chair like a ballet bar and stretching her hamstrings.

Blogging - What am I even doing here? This paper is due like, soon.

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  1. Did you finish the paper?? Will you be continuing your education next semester??? Can't leave us hanging like this...