Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanks for the Thankless

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? Today, I'm going to step past the parents/friends/significant other/pets stock answers (though I'm obviously beyond thankful for all of these) and thank the small things that we so take for granted. Here's to the thankless things in my life that I don't remember to appreciate on a daily basis (in a very abridged list). THIS IS FOR YOU. I take these things for granted, but they deserve my love (and yours), so here it is.

Trusted by crunchy people everywhere
1. L.L.Bean Wicked Good Slippers: I'll almost always pick generic over brand name, but I'm willing to pay extra so that my feet can be caressed by these tan, woolly clouds. My feet have walked around in the blissful cush of these slippers and they will never consent to cheap slippers again. Kiss my butt, Dearfoams.

Because I need a constant stream of stimuli
2. Free Wireless Internet: Like any other angsty college student who expects that the internet should cater to my ADD whims at all times (because I need pictures of cats like, now), I get all pouty and whiny when a webpage takes more than five seconds to load, but I never remember to appreciate the fact that WiFi makes me happy approximately 95% of the time that I need it to (I'm also thankful for arbitrary and unfounded statistics). Wireless Internet allows me to use my laptop or phone basically anywhere and content myself with news articles, email, facebook, or pictures of cats (derp). Remember how much dial up internet sucked? Because I do, and that makes me appreciate the crap out of WiFi.

I have them in this exact color because they remind me of ducks on a pond

3. Rainboots (L.L.Bean Wellies): Okay, I might be a brand whore for L.L.Bean, but when it comes to waterproof boots, if they're good enough for Maine lobstermen, I'm not going to argue. There's nothing I hate more than sitting in class with wet, cold ankles. Seriously, it's uncomfortable, it sucks, and it'll about ruin your whole day. Tell me you don't hate wet feet.

Even dogs like fleece. And Booties.
4. Fleece: It's so versatile. Socks, sweatshirts, robes, PONCHOS, pants, vests. It's so versatile, so fluffy, and so cuddly. Wearing fleece is like wearing a kitten, but without the animal cruelty factor, and that's why I love this fabric.

Not in college, and not when it involves showers
5. In Suite Bathrooms and/or Single Gender Bathrooms: Yale's gender-neutral bathrooms rather skeeve me out. Especially since the towel hook is outside of the shower, meaning that one must open the door to reach out and retrieve it. I don't want to have to perform ninja style undressing/towel-grabbing actions early in the morn and risk having my nakey time interrupted by an equally awkward and uncomfortable male figure. Also, it's harder to avoid boy cooties when you're sharing a bathroom with them. Yale, you have the money and the resources. Build bathrooms.

6. Pillows: No, I won't be afraid to state the obvious. Because sleeping with your head sagging all over onto your bed, or cutting off the circulation in your arm trying to use it as a pillow just sucks. I love pillows. I love pillow fights. I love foam, feather, and memory foam (but not for fighting). I would even give up my bed if I could sleep in a massive pile of pillows. Also, they're direct money wires to the tooth fairy. $$$

Okay, technically it's not Thanksgiving anymore, but I don't care. Happy Holiday Season! This is when I begin to listen to the Holiday music station (I'm also thankful for Christmas music, BTW), which I won't turn off until the day after Christmas. Maybe two days after Christmas.

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