Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer in Cambridge: Part 1

Being in Cambridge during the school term rather blunts the awesomeness of Harvard Square. You know, the whole "I'm in school" thing. In the week that I've been here, I've started to see how vibrant it is. Granted, I'm living in the quad (read: the suburbs) this summer, but Cambridge is still the largest "city" that I've ever lived in. As much as I enjoy acting the hermit, I'm making a conscious effort to chill in the Square for a while after work every day before returning to Cabot because really, the internet can only stay interesting for so long each night. So far, I've discovered:

1. A tree in Harvard Yard that fits my back perfectly and receives sunlight at an optimal angle for sitting/reading/basking.
2. The guy that sings pop song covers in front of ABP is amazing. If I'm not reading under my tree, I'm probably sitting in front of ABP listening to him basically cover my entire Pandora playlist while I read.
3. If you walk far enough down Mass. Ave, there's a Payless! Unexpected BoGo sale = win.
4. My skylight provides me with a perfect view of sunsets.
Now isn't that precious?

The daily trips between the quad and the yard have essentially ripped my feet to shreds, and I've acquired 11 blisters thus far. However, I will persevere in the name of my sandals that need to be broken in for the summer (with the exception of that one pair of peep-toes that destroyed me; they're done). That which does not kill me will make me stronger. Or it might just make my feet kind of leathery, but I can deal. I've used enough bandaids to cover the wounds of a thousand men and three pairs of shoes now have my blood on their heels (literally), but one cannot tame the spirit of a determined wanderer. I will stroll until I can no more.

Walk with me.

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