Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Who am I?

I have no future. It's pretty much settled. 

In a panic that I absolutely MUST do something productive with my summer, I began scouring the internet for internships last night. At some point in my world wide wanderings (at some unreasonable hour of night) I stumbled across this site and readily made myself a profile. Then I noticed a quiz! A "what's your best internship?" quiz! I love quizzes and couldn't wait for the internet to tell me exactly what I'm going to do when I grow up. The internet is basically omniscient and omnipotent anyway, so it couldn't possibly lead me astray, right? Right?

I began the quiz, thinking my responses seemed to target me as a pretty creative, literary, humanities-type person. I figured that it would tell me to be a teacher, because I've heard that a million times before. I was expecting kindergarten teacher, I was expecting lawer, I was expecting library sciences. I was not expecting what I received. According to the future-savvy internet, I enjoy:

Higher education, check. But that's about where it ends. I'm really rather baffled as to what buttons I clicked that would indicate I'm a science person. Strange... But there's more. According to these results, I would apparently enjoy internships in:

Something is not right here.

FALSE. Seriously, all of this. I like good paper, nice pens, and musty books. I write stories, not lines of computer code. I must have received someone else's future results, but these certainly not pertain to me. I like creative ideas and allusions and literary form. I like spending hours debating morality, politics, and literary analysis. 

Pharmacy? Where on earth does that fit in? I am not a science major and I am not pre-med. For everyone's sake, let's give that internship to someone who's a bit better versed in biology and chemistry than I am.

Finances? I could hold a fairly well versed conversation about world trade, economics and currencies, but that's because I read the newspaper everyday, not because I play the stock market like a businessman. 

Overall response to this internship quiz: Either I have no future ahead of me or I really really don't come across as a humanities person. Either way, I need to get it together. Okay, it's GO-TIME. Time to get some sort of focus and stop misleading the intertubes so that they can help me get all rich and famous and YEAH actually make something out of my life. 

Oh, but that's right. I'm only a sophomore. A confused student with a hazy, hazy future ahead of me.

MOTHER OF PEARL, I need to get it together.


  1. You should travel, April. You won't be able to get months off at a clip after school so do it while you can. Your career will be there for the next fifty years, your youth won't.
    Watching Wolf

  2. You're 19. Relax. You'll figure it out and you'll be awesome at whatever you do.