Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It's finals week. And I've become "that person" who stays in the dining hall for hours at a time. Like from 9:15am to 6:45pm and 9pm to 12:15am yesterday... I wonder if anyone would object to me bringing a recliner to the Dhall. Just for finals. I tried to study in the library. I gave it a whole hour. And the entire time, I was only more distracted than usual, so I had to return to the dining hall. Apparently, I just can't deal with real silence. But in the dining hall, with my noise canceling headphones and Pandora spa music station, I could potentially tune out a herd of elephants. Charging. Granted, I was less than thrilled to learn that 13 days into the month of December, I had used up my 40 free hours of music on Pandora. They ask me to pay 99 cents for the rest of the month?! This is a clear cut case of extortion right here. I mean, it's the internet; a place of free information and technology and anything else you could ask for. Yeah right, like I'll pay for music that I can't even download. I can find more spa music elsewhere on the internet for free. Well, I tried. Several stations. Unfortunately, Pandora can afford to demand small change for their services because they're simply better than the rest. So as much as it hurt my pride, I charged 99 cents to my debit card in order to get the rest of my month's worth of falling waters and whales and dolphins. I need it. Pan flutes and songbirds and cresting waves and trickling streams are getting me through finals period. Am I 85 years old? Absolutely. But I also have arthritis in my foot and I enjoy prunes, so I guess we already knew that I'm a senior citizen on the inside.

Waterfalls. In my mind.

One more Exam. One more ENORMOUS project. But I can do this. I now have unlimited calming music for the rest of the month. And I'm back in the dining hall, in my usual spot. I am the master of this wooden chair and this wooden table. Okay, I'm really starting now. IT'S GO TIME.

Tranquil beaches. Also in my mind.

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