Monday, November 22, 2010

It finally happened.

Brain break. Winthrop DHall. Approximately 11:30pm. I saw my first cockroach. And nearly retched. Thanks to one Crimson article most of Harvard's campus thinks that Winthrop house is overrun with roaches, but no Winthropian that I've talked to has ever seen more than 2 in his or her respective time in the house.  I come from the country. We don't have roaches at home. They've always been semi-mythical fears to my mind (like dragons, or the plague).  I was counting on them staying in the walls for my 3 years. I was counting on them being hidden, absent, invisible. I was not counting on seeing one scuttle across the black and white checked floor of my dining hall -- the very place where I EAT MEALS. I didn't expect it to run so fast. I didn't expect it to be fully 3 inches long. I was not mentally prepared for this. I want Raid. I want exterminators. Why? Because it is STILL ON THE LOOSE. No one's slipper clad feet even attempted to squash the vermin, which means that it's still running around somewhere...alive...moving...terrifying. I cannot deal with this. They know that I cannot deal with this. They're going to find my room and eat the glue from my book bindings and infest and swarm. The apocalypse may or may not be approaching. It's brown and tiny. It's fast and ugly. It's an infestation of cities. It's time to retreat to the country.

**Just as a side note, I don't actually live in the building in which I viewed this hellish creature. But still.

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